Thursday, September 3, 2015

Donnelley Brothers

Single mom Becca Norton is surprised to discover her high school crush Jared Donnelly is back in town. The motocross champion hasn't been home in years, but the former bad boy is as gorgeous as she remembers. And his kindness toward her kids melts her heart. But when she learns his true purpose in town is to build a motocross school on land near her home, she has to put on the brakes. Her children's welfare is her priority, and her former in-laws have made it clear they don't approve of Jared or his plans. Soon Becca may have to choose between her heart…and her home. 

Winning the Teacher's Heart 
Published April 21st 2015  
by Love Inspired
5 Stars

What a beautiful cover! 
It only gives you a glimpse at the sweet story hidden inside the pages. 

Jean C. Gordon and Love Inspired have released the first in the Donnelly Brothers series, Winning the Teacher's Heart. 
Wow, what a great romance!
The author weaves words together to literally bring the story to life.  The characters have flaws, but that's what makes them more real.  I loved getting to know Jared and Becca.  Jared left town years ago and has recently returned wanting to prove he's more than people think.  He's ready to put down roots and his one desire is to open a motocross race track.  He assumes once everyone hears his plans that they will immediately be excited and support his plans. Just one problem, Jared left his hometown under a dark cloud and his exploits on the motocross racing circuit haven't helped matters.
Becca Norton is a divorced mother of two, young children and a history teacher at the local high school.  She remembers Jared from high school and his brother, Connor, is her minister.  She sees that Jared is excited about his plans, but she has reservations about the race tract.  Of course her ex father-in law wants to shut it down completely and with Becca being on the zoning committee he thinks it's a done deal. 

This is a touching story about two people that are reminded over and over again to trust in the Lord in all things.  Faith is a hard sometimes when the past keeps haunting us.  The characters weave their way into your hearts from page one and will keep you turning the pages. This is a sweet romance interwoven with some humor. I would recommend it to anyone.  
I received this book from the author for a honest review without bias or outside influence as stated above. 

jean c. gordonFor Amazon bestselling inspirational and sweet romance author Jean C. Gordon, writing is a natural extension of her love of reading.  From that first day in first grade when she realized t-h-e was the word "the," she's been reading everything she can put her hands on.  A professional planner and financial writer, Jean is as at home writing retirement- and investment- planning advice as she is writing romance novels, but finds novels a lot more fun. 
She and her college-sweetheart live in Upstate New York in a 170-year-old farm house situated on 112 acres.  While Jean creates stories, her family grows organic fruits and vegetable and tends the livestock de jour. 
Although her writing and family don't leave her a lot of spare time, Jean likes to give back when she can.  She and her husband team-taught  a seventh-and-eighth grade Sunday school class for several years and currently serve on her church's Evangelism Committee.  She also shares her love of books with others by volunteering a the the church's Book Nook.  
Currently she is working on the third book in the Donnelly Brothers series. 
Here is the next book Holiday Homecoming is set to be released in Dec. 2015.

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