Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Super Mom Myth

        The Super Mom Myth: Conquering the Dirty Villains of Motherhood    
  Published January 1st 2015
 by Shiloh Run Press   
4 Stars   

 This book isn't about raising kids, it's about raising moms.
In a Pinterest-perfect culture, moms today sense an accelerated level of pressure to measure up. We assume other women are passing the test while we fail.  So either weigh ourselves down with guilt or we become resigned-desensitized, even- to this so-called failure.  God wants to free us from either extreme.
Becky Kopitzke's The SupeMom Myth shares relatable stories, practical tips, discussion questions, and careful application of scripture, while examining eight personified "villlains" or alter-egos of motherhood and how to conquer them:

My Thoughts: 
The author has written a wonderful book that I wish I had of had when I became a mother.  Yes, I spent  years comparing myself to a standard that I set for myself and needless to say I always felt lacking.  I waited until I was 30 before becoming a mother and during that time I watched a lot of parenting, so I felt I was prepared for motherhood when the time came.  Just one problem, real life is so much different than the imaginary 'when I have children".

The author points out the 8 Villains that we as mothers battle:
Anger-The Grouch on the Couch
Fear-Worry Woman  
Busyness-Calendar Queen
Housework-The Maid
Exhaustion-Zombie Mommy
Neglecting Our Husbands-Weary Wife
Neglecting Ourselves-Martyr Mom
The book is divided into 11 chapters which give you an idea of what your idea was and what reality really looks like.  This is written in a humorous way and I can't imagine anyone not being able to relate to the stories.  Each chapter identifies a villain that we battle and the evil power or the symptoms you will exude then she gives you a plan of action of how to battle each.  
This is a very well written book and I would recommend it to anyone. 

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