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Rocky Mountain Pursuit

Rocky Mountain PursuitEveryone believes agent Jase Bradford is dead—everyone but Reyna Peterson. Only he can protect her now that someone wants the information her CIA husband died to secure. As the one member of their spy team not killed, Jase must remain in the shadows. Yet when Reyna leads the enemy right to his mountain refuge and blows his cover, Jase risks his life for hers. As his best friend's beautiful widow scales the walls around his heart, whether out of loyalty or love, he makes it his duty to secure her safety. But when their pursuers trap them in the snowy Colorado mountains, will it become his final mission?
Expected publication: February 9th 2016
 by Love Inspired  
4 Stars

But they wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk, and not faint. 
~Isaiah 40:31
Reyna's breath stuck in her throat. She clutched the steering wheel in a death grip to try to keep the tiny car from sliding off the ice encrusted road. She was way out of her comfort zone. Truth be told, she had been since the nightmare first began.
She slowed to a snail's pace as an onslaught of ice and snow clung to the windshield, making visibility next to zero. The storm had continued to intensify since she'd been up on the mountain. She had never felt more terrified or alone than she did at this moment, yet turning back wasn't an option. Behind her lay almost certain prison time—or worse. Agent Martin had all but promised as much. Still, no matter what lay ahead, she had to find out the truth. Was Jase Bradford dead or alive? Reyna believed her life might depend on the answer.

Her eyes darted fearfully to the rear view mirror. What if the men watching her house had somehow managed to follow her here to Defiance, Colorado? She couldn't let them find the laptop and then kill her before she had the chance to clear Eddie's name and prove her husband had been murdered. To keep that from happening Reyna had devised a plan. After she'd called the hospital to let her supervisor know she would be taking an extended leave of absence, she had left the laptop in a secure storage facility in Eldorado, Colorado. Then she'd sent a letter to Sara letting her know where to find it if something were to happen to her.

Reyna scrubbed her hand over her weary eyes. The frantic thirteen-plus-hour drive from Stevens, Texas, to Defiance had taken its toll. She was exhausted beyond belief. Thinking clearly took more strength than she had. She'd hit Defiance a couple of hours before darkness descended and just as the edge of the storm arrived.

Maggie, the woman working the night shift at the diner, told her there were only four houses up on Defiance Mountain and none of them belonged to a Jase Bradford. Still, Reyna pressed on because she was all out of options. She believed Eddie had been murdered for what he'd discovered on the laptop. If she wanted to stay out of prison long enough to prove that, then she'd need Jase Bradford's help to unravel the contents of the files hidden there.

Reyna leaned forward in her seat. She'd driven past three of the houses already and there were clear signs no one had been home in quite some time. One house remained. The last one up was almost at the top of the mountain, according to Maggie, and the storm wasn't showing any sign of letting up.

She could now barely see the hood of the car, much less the road. The conditions were deteriorating quickly and she had no idea how much farther the car could make it.

Even facing all those dangers, her biggest fear was that Eddie had been wrong and the man buried in Arlington National Cemetery was indeed Jase Bradford. After all, they both had attended his memorial service at Langley. Everyone including the CIA acknowledged Jase was dead.

Why then had Eddie been so convinced in the weeks before his death that Jase was still alive?

My Thoughts:

What a spectacular read!
This spine tingling suspense will take you from Texas to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in a  game of cat and mouse.   
We are introduced to Dr. Reyna Peterson and Jase Bradford who are two very complex characters.  Reyna was widowed 6 months ago when her husband, Eddie, was killed in the Middle East while serving his country.  She has received a letter her husband had written prior to his death that throws her life in turmoil and literally  running for her life.  
Jase Bradford died years ago when his elite Scorpion team was attacked, but Davis Sinclair was born. Davis lives in the mountains of Colorado near the small town of Defiance.  Davis has a beautiful mountain home where he works with troubled young teens.  
Davis rescues a young woman who's car has slid off the road and down the mountain side only to find out she's looking for Jase Bradford and realizes his cover is blown.  Trust is not in Jase's vocabulary.  There's only two people he trusts in this world and finds out one of them has been killed.  Reyna is so far out of her comfort zone that she has no real trust for anyone, but comes to realize quickly that she needs to trust someone to protect her.  She has come to Jase for answers , but when they are attacked by an unknown enemy suddenly they are on the run for their lives.  
This story is one of trust and faith.
The author brings us a an intriguing story that quickly pulls the reader in and keeps them turning the pages.  She uses imagery to bring the setting and characters to life.  I found myself pulled to Reyna and her turmoil early in the story.  Jase is a strong character that a girl could easily fall in love with.  This is a fast paced story that is full of twists and turns.  This is a good, clean read.  
The message I received from this story was that regardless of the trials we face in life God is always there with us and we must trust in him seeing us through. 
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense.   
*I received this book from the author for a honest review without bias or outside influence. 

Meet the Author:

was inspired to become a writer after reading romantic suspense greats Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney. Soon creating characters and throwing them into dangerous situations that test their faith came naturally for Mary. In 2012 Mary entered the Speed Dating contest hosted by Love Inspired Suspense and later received “the call”. Writing for Love Inspired Suspense has been a dream come true for Mary. 

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