Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Light at the End of the Road

The Light at the End of the Road
Publisher: Winter Wedding Press
5 Stars

This is  a wonderful book about faith and love.
Here's a little about the book:

All Samantha Williams wants is to find her way home. Her father's critically ill and the family doesn't believe he'll make it through the weekend. But the fates and Mother Nature aren't cooperating. Icy rain has caused highway closings along Sam's precipitous mountain route, and she's forced to take treacherous back roads. When her car hits black ice and skids into a ditch, Sam fears for her survival. Then a stranger appears on the scene to offer her a hand. Only, after a while, Sam starts to fear this handsome mystery man is leading her in the wrong direction...

Jake Marlow normally doesn't travel this road at night. In fact, he barely gets back to the country. But a business emergency has him taking chances with the weather in his trustworthy SUV. At least, he believed it trustworthy until it blew two tires this evening. Seeking shelter in the storm, he comes across a beautiful woman in even more dire circumstances than his own. While he's sure he's never met her, there's something about Samantha Williams he feels he knows. Driven to protect her and get her to safety, Jake's prepared to make any sacrifice. Yet the mysterious light they're chasing eludes them time and again.

Wow! Ginny Baird has once again written an incredibly, sweet romance.  This story is different from her usual romances though because she adds twists that the reader is not expecting.  She brings us strong characters and a wonderful storyline that literally come to life. I love Samantha and Jake.  Samantha is a beautiful, young woman both inside and out.  She loves her family very much and shows great compassion to her mother going through the grieving process.  When it comes to making choices she looks to her heart for direction.  Jake is a man you can depend on.  He is traveling in an ice storm to do a favor for a friend and without thought for his own safety he tries to help Samantha.  When he comes to crossroads he must look in his heart for answers and trust he makes the right choice. 
I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone.
I received this book from the author for a honest review without bias as stated above.  All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Let me introduce you to Ginny:
Ginny Baird

From the time that she could talk, romance author Ginny Baird was making up stories, much to the delight -- and consternation -- of her family and friends. By grade school, she'd turned that inclination into a talent, whereby her teacher allowed her to write and produce plays, rather than write boring book reports. Ginny continued writing throughout college, where she contributed articles to her literary campus weekly, then later pursued a career managing international projects with the US State Department.

Ginny's held an assortment of jobs, including school teacher, freelance fashion model, and greeting card writer, and has published over twenty works of fiction and optioned ten screenplays. She's additionally published nonfiction and poetry, and admits to being a true romantic at heart.
She's a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), the RWA Published Authors Network (PAN), and Virginia Romance Writers (VRW). When she's not writing, Ginny enjoys cooking, biking, and spending time with her family in Tidewater, Virginia.

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