Sunday, January 5, 2014

Love On The Slopes

5 Stars
I found myself loving everything about this book from the storyline, imagery and the characters. Elizabeth Goddard brings us a feel good romance, but it also helps us to see how trusting in God will bring us through any adversity. In this story you will see how when faced with adversity the characters must show the courage to turn all their problems over to God. What a wonderful message.
Hudson Landers was hired by Ridgewood Ski Lodge to be their ski coach. He is experienced in all levels of competition, from winning gold at the Olympics to coaching. He is very cautious with his students safety and if they knew his history then they would understand why. The one time in which he forgoes a prerun check of conditions will bring back memories he would like to forget, but can't.
Shannon DeCroix is a very competitive, young woman with aspirations to one day join the US Ski Team. Hudson has trained her for this and she is ready for it, but after a fall during a competition her career has been derailed. Her injuries required several surgeries accompanied by a lengthy rehab. Hudson promised to be there for her and out of everyone he has been the only one she can count on.
Naturally, with her competitive spirit, she wants to rejoin the team and resume competition, but Hudson feels she's pushing her recovery too quickly. He knows she must give her body time to heal completely or not only would her career be derailed, but could end it completely. After spending time with Shannon he has seen her determination to over come this adversity, but it's also brought back a lot of guilt he feels from his past.
To prove she's ready Shannon decides to ski the Terminator by herself and it was exhilarating. When Hudson asks her about the run and see the excitement in her voice, he makes the rash decision to quit as the team coach. He realizes that he is no longer the coach to take her all the way. Shannon expects Hudson to be upset and more than likely yell, but not to quit the team. How can she compete without him? He's been the one person she can trust and depend on. How can she make him see that she is ready to start competing again? Can she convince him to stay?
I would recommend this book.
I was given this book by the author for an honest review, which is included above.

Meet the Author:


Elizabeth Goddard

Elizabeth Goddard is the award-winning author of seven contemporary romance novels and two novellas, including a romantic mystery, The Camera Never Lies--a 2011 Carol Award winner. Elizabeth is a member of ACFW and has served as a board member in her local RWA chapter. She is a 7th generation Texan who lives in East Texas with her husband and four children. She and her family recently spent five years in Oregon, which serves as the setting for several of her novels, including Oregon Outback, releasing with Barbour Publishing in Spring 2012


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