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Stranded  by: Dani PettreyThis is the third book in of the Alaskan Courage series by Dani Pettrey.  Even though this book is in a series, it can stand alone with no need to read the first two.  I encourage you to read those, because they are very good books also.  Again, Dani gives us a suspenseful romance.  She uses a combinations of romance, suspense, an intriguing mystery and questions of faith.  This story will keep you turning the pages until the end.  Full of twists and turns to keep you spellbound.  Her imagery is masterful. She has the talent of drawing you into the story from the first page. 

This book is about Gage McKenna and Darcy St James.  Gage and his family run Last Adventure Frontiers.  They lead adventure excursions in white water rafting, rock climbing and scuba diving.  Gage has know a lot of grief in his life and as a result has many trust issues. Darcy is or was an investigative reporter, but after reevaluating her faith and it's affects upon her job; she starts taking freelance work.  5 months ago when Darcy was helping with an investigation involving Reef McKenna, she met Gage.  Even though Gage develops feelings for Darcy, he compares her determination to his ex wife and feels it's best if he just stays away from her.

Darcy receives a call from her best friend, Abby, who asks her for help investigating a cruise ship.  She agrees even though she knows she must go undercover.  Darcy feels she owes Abby for leaving her in a sticky situation when she quit her job.  The two meet briefly upon Darcy's arrival and make plans to meet later that night in Darcy's room where she will find out what they are investigating.  Abby fails to show up.  Darcy, concerned about her friend, starts asking around about Abby and is told that Abby just quit and left the ship.  Darcy knows the can't be true because her friend would have gotten in touch with her first.  She begins an investigation in Abby's disappearance.

Darcy has been hired to write an article and blog about the adventures the cruise line provides, but of course no one knows about her connection with Abby.  Gage has been hired on a trial basis to lead the adventure excursions the cruise line provides.  Upon seeing one another, both are stunned and apprehensive about spending time together.  Abby confides to Gage about why she is hired and Abby's disappearance.  Gage encourages her to talk  to the activities director about Abby.  When Darcy refuses, Gage begins to believe she will do anything to get answers.  While Darcy's only concern is what has happened to Abby, she feels Gage should understand that her motives justify her actions.  Knowing she must fulfill her contract to the cruise line, she also begins to investigate her friend's disappearance.  Gage is trying to help, but also wants to keep her at a distance.  As the investigation progresses he finds he must keep Darcy close for her own protection.  Gage then begins to question the feelings he has for Darcy, her investigation, and God.  Darcy has more questions than answers, but leans on her faith to help her through the struggle.
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