Monday, August 26, 2013


Shattered by Dani PettreyShattered is the second book in the Alaskan Courage series by Dani Pettrey.  Once again she brings us a story of love, courage and faith. This romantic suspense is going to keep you turning the pages until the end.  Her imagery is masterful.  This story starts in Yancey, Alaska and takes you into the rugged backcountry of Canada.

This series is about the McKenna family who run the Last Adventure Frontiers.  They lead adventures in white water rafting , rock climbing and scuba diving  and also sell the equipment used in these endeavors.

Piper McKenna has a love of reading mysteries which keeps her imagination very vivid.  She is very  concerned with the welfare of others and making sure they always get their justice.
Deputy Landon Grainger has always had a close relationship with the McKennas. They are like family to him, but with Piper his feelings run deeper.  Of course, Piper has no clue to the depths of his feelings.

Reef McKenna has basically been estranged from his family.  One night he returns, but he is covered in blood and can't remember where it came from.  Upon arriving at the house, Piper sees the brother she has always loved and believes the very best in him.  Landon is called out to investigate a murder.  when Landon finds out all the evidence points to Reef, with a torn heart he goes to the McKenna house.  Piper is relieved that Landon is the investigation officer  only to be shattered by his arrest of her brother for murder.  Piper is determined to protect Reef and prove his innocence. 
The sheriff is as determined to get a conviction regardless of the investigation having a lot of unexpected complications.  Landon only wants to find out the truth and now his investigation has put his job at risk.  Piper doesn't feel Reef is getting justice and starts her own investigation.  Unfortunately, Piper is determined and stubborn which sometimes leads her into trouble.  Landon realizes to keep Piper out of trouble and help her find answers he must join forces with her.  As clues begin to mount, Piper heads to Canada in search of answers to questions relating to the murder.  Each step leads to more questions and more danger, the rugged backcountry of Canada can be unforgiving.
The relationship between Piper and Landon has always been one of friendship, but she begins to question is it something more. 

This story is about and enduring friendship and an intriguing mystery.  The characters are strong, faithful  and will steal your heart from page 1.
Looking forward to the next book.

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