Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Begin Again

The Brave Practice of Releasing Hurt & Receiving Rest

Published April 3rd 2018 
by Fleming H. Revell Company

"Always we begin again."--St. Benedict

What do we do when we feel stuck, restless, cornered in our own lives? 
We can shut down. Or we can begin again.

To begin again is to open the window, even an inch, to let the breeze of grace come in. It is a call to open our hands when all we want to do is clench our fists.

Join Leeana Tankersley as she shares a journey of beginning again--in her relationships, in her faith practices, and with herself. Her small, daily shifts dramatically influenced her larger ways of doing and being, allowing her to trade trying for trust, striving for surrender. If you've been feeling stuck, Leeana's life-giving words will show you how to forgive yourself, develop new and healthier patterns of living, and do away with resentment and regret. 

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My Thoughts:

As the New Year approached I made plans for things I would like to do, projects I wanted to accomplish, and goals I wanted to reach.  As the clock turns everything feels fresh and new, but as the day brightens my routine is the same.  I often wonder why I never get anything accomplished or so it seems.  I do think I'm alone in my thoughts and feelings, but unfortunately I'm not.  
When I saw the cover for this book my first thought was the flowers reminded me of spring and the beautiful colors coming.  When I read the excerpt I thought this is a book I would enjoy reading and I did.  It was sort of like opening a window into my heart.  It reminded me from the first page that wherever you are in your life, you can begin again, whether it's a new day, month, season, year or even hour.  The author opens her heart and shares her story of the valleys she's fought and the mountains she has climbed during her life.  She's very open about her struggles.  
This is a well written book that is easy to navigate through and understand.  Leeana Tankersley reminds us that no matter what struggles you are facing today there is another chapter in you story.   The pages are full of both inspiration and faith.  
This is a book that would be great for anyone.  
*I received this book from the publisher as part of their book bloggers program.  I was not expected to write a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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