Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Finding Home

Finding Margo (Finding Home #1) 
Off the charts and on the run.

International pop star Margo Hartman could use a night off. A grueling tour and overbearing entourage have sent her over the edge. It’s time for this diva to disappear. And who would think to look for the superstar in a small Dutch town in Ohio?

Sheriff’s deputy Brock Moore is undercover as well. He knows Margo isn’t who she appears to be, but her uncanny resemblance to a local Amish woman is raising all sorts of questions…the kind that make her a target for a killer.

Both are determined to find answers, but their mutual attraction stands in the way of either of them doing it alone. Is finding Margo the solution to Brock’s problems or just the beginning…?

Published November 15th 2016
 by Gilead Publishing 

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My Thoughts:

I loved this story!! 
This is the first contemporary book I have read by this author, Jen Turano, but I can assure you it won't be the last.  She brings us a story that has a wonderful plot centered around Margo Hartman.  It has elements of suspense, mystery, romance, forgiveness, small town intrigue and humor.  
As the story opens we meet Margo Hartman who just happens to be a famous singer.  Her mother is overbearing and has controlled her career for years.  Margo has just reached the point of exhaustion with all her appearances and tour dates.  She makes a decision to just escape it all and get some breathing room so she heads out from California.  Unfortunately she arrives just outside of Millerburg to have her car struck by a duck which actually lands in her front seat.  Feeling bad about possibly hurting the duck she heads into the town to get it treatment and life as she knows it is about to change.  
Her arrival in Millerburg was somewhat strange because she kept having feelings of de`javu, but she didn't understand why because she didn't remember ever being in this town.  One thing was certain she didn't want to be recognized as Margo and that turned out to not be a problem at the moment because everyone kept telling her she looked exactly like a local Amish woman.  Unfortunately if the press go word of her being in town they would arrive in masses.  Deputy Brock Moore suggest they hide her withing the community, but something just doesn't feel right about that.  
This is a wonderful story filled with lots of mystery and humor that pulled me in from the very first page.  You know it's a great story when you are literally laughing out loud one minute and trying to solve a mystery the next.  The characters are strong and well developed.  I found myself cheering for Margo every time she was faced with another obstacle.  This is a book I would recommend to anyone.  
I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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