Thursday, December 1, 2016

Beach Blues

Okay, with today being the first of December and waking up to temperatures in the 20's we know that winter weather is right around the corner.  Most of us, not all though, have been enjoying warmer temperatures this fall so the sudden dip in temperatures can make us wish summer weather back. 
I don't know about most readers but I love getting lost in a good book that will literally take me to the setting and hold me there until I turn the last page.  Here is a wonderful summer book I just finished from Joanne DeMaio.  Yes, it was released in May,2016, but I just found this author and I absolutely love her writing.  

A Connecticut beach forever promising summer,
a place where I find endless stories in the sand and in the sweet salt water.  

Beach BluesCelia Gray finds herself house-sitting a silver-shingled cottage at Stony Point. She arrives with her guitar, a few staging jobs ... and a bit of summertime sadness. That is, until an unforgettable group of beach friends draws her in like a breath of salt air.

Sal DeLuca heard the words in a dream: Take me to the sea. So after a decade of demanding work, he takes his first vacation in years. Trading in his suit and tie for blue jeans and boat shoes, Sal unexpectedly arrives at his mother's shabby inn on the Connecticut shore, winding his way into the lives and hearts of the close-knit beach community.

When Stony Point's two wash-ashores, Sal and Celia, meet, some say it's a match made in beach-heaven. And so begins a sweet seaside summer ... forging friendships, adventures and new love. But all is not at ease in the gentle sea breeze as a dark secret turns the tide for the Stony Point crew.

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Meet the Author:

Joanne DeMaio Joanne DeMaio is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary fiction. She lives with her family in Connecticut and is currently at work on her next novel.

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My Thoughts:

 Joanne DeMaio is an author who weaves words together that literally bring the story to life for me.  This story pulled me to Stony Point and I could feel the breeze, the warm sunshine on my face, smell the sweet salt air,  feel the sand and ocean on my feet.  
This novel centers around Celia Gray, but found myself immersed in the community as the secondary characters are well integrated in the story.  
As the story opens Celia Gray has arrived in Stony Point to stage some homes in the area, but more than anything get a break from her hometown and put her life in perspective after her divorce.  One of the first people she meets is the Elsa DeLuca who introduces her to a group of friends that play a pivotal role not only in her summer, but also her heart.  With the arrival of Sal DeLuca, Celia is knows her heart is in danger, but can't do anything to stop it from falling for Sal.  Sal works on Wall Street and is taking the first vacation in many years to help his mom establish her bed and breakfast business.  What he doesn't expect is to find the most fascinating woman he has met in years.  As the summer progresses both know the summer romance will fade away just as night fades into day, but will either be able say goodbye at the end of summer.  
This is a spectacular read!!
It's full of real life/emotions and will make you smile, but it will also bring a tear to your eye.  
This story brings you a sweet plot that flows effortlessly.  Quirky and complex characters kept me engaged until the very last page was turned.  One of the trademarks of the author is she writes about family, friends, choices and and love.  This book hits all these, but is so much more. 
This is a book I would recommend to anyone.  

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