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Called to Pray

Astounding Stories of Answered Prayers

 Most of us have felt it at one time or another: that unexplained prompting in our hearts to stop and pray for a friend, a loved one, or even a stranger. Sometimes we are even awakened from a deep sleep with an even deeper need to go to God in prayer. Where do those urges come from? Are they truly from God? Or are they merely stray thoughts? And if we respond in prayer, are others' lives affected at all?

In Called to Pray, Linda Evans Shepherd shares dozens of inspiring true stories of people who have heeded God's call to pray and the astonishing results of those impromptu prayers. Through accounts of people being protected from harm and rescued from danger, of needs being met and hearts being encouraged, you'll see that God is involved in an active and dynamic relationship with us--and that we can be part of his plan to bless others.

If you have ever wondered if prayer has any real effect or doubted that God communicates with us personally, this heart-stirring book will amaze, inspire, and equip you to respond to those holy promptings.

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Published September 15th 2015 
 by Revell  
ISBN: 0800722922

Devote yourself to prayer,
being watchful and thankful.
 ~Colossians 4:2

Linda Evans Shepherd brings us a book of stories about answered prayers.  This is a wonderful book that tells the story of how individuals were called to pray for something or someone specifically and the miracle of those answered prayers.  She includes scripture passages and thoughts that might help when you are called to pray.  
This is book is 199 pages in length and not something that has to be read at one setting, but can be.  She has written ten chapters:
Called to Pray for Protection
Called to Pray for Rescue
Called to Pray for Needs
 Called to Pray for Souls
Called to Pray for Breakthrough
Called to Pray for Guidance
Called to Pray for Miraculous Wonders
Called to Pray for Encouragement
Called to Pray for Truth and Faith
Called to Pray for Others.
Each chapter gives us a several stories where a person had an overwhelming need to pray for someone or something and each story shows how the prayer was answered.  It points out that you don't always know why get the urge or even what's going on just that you need to pray.  This is God intervening on behalf of someone else.  These stories show that prayer will strengthen you lives and draw you closer to God. 
Max Lucado reminds us, "when you speak, Jesus hears.  And when Jesus hears, the world is changed.  All because someone prayed."  What a powerful and true statement that is.  I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone.  It will draw you in and give you areas to reflect on.  

*I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program.  I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.  

Linda Evans Shepherd is living and laughing through a large life of miracles. She had been married over thirty years, and has two children.  Her daughter Laura spent a year in coma following a car accident and awoke when her newborn bother was placed in her arms.
Linda is the founder of Right to the Heart Ministries which publishes the free online magazine Leading Hearts,  oversees an online archive  for the hurting and suicidal called Thinking About and manages the work of AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Associations)  which encourages and trains 400 Christian women authors.  She is also the founder and host of the Golden Scroll Awards which honors those professionals of the Christian publishing industry who beautifully partner in ministry with their authors.
Linda’s authored almost 30 books and is the writer behind the bestselling Share Jesus Without Fear.  She is the co-author of the Carol award-winning, bestselling novel series The Potluck Club and The Potluck Catering Club (Revell 2005 – 2011). 
Linda is also know as the Prayer Author and Speaker.  She is also the author of the bestselling When You Don’t Know What to Pray (Revell 2010) and a multiple Selah Award winner for her books Praying Through Hard Times (2012/formerly When You Can’t Find God), When You Need A Miracle (2014), Experiencing God’s Presence (2014 finalist)  She is a repeat Book of the Month Favorite for Book Fun Magazine. 

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