Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Your Best Happily Ever After

Loving God's Beautiful Story for Your Life

Cinderella. Snow White. Sleeping Beauty. Rapunzel. These beloved stories all conclude with, “. . .and they lived happily ever after.” We sigh, smile, and know there’s an amazing story of love, adventure, and redemption coming.
          We all yearn for a fairy tale life, but too often our existence feels less like the pages of a storybook and more like a bad reality TV show. From poisoned apples (sin) and Ugly Stepsisters (joy-stealers) to magic mirrors (real beauty is more than skin-deep) and glass slippers (God’s perfect calling for us), the truth is that as daughters of God, we can live the perfect story the Author has written for our lives—we can experience the happily ever after that He has penned for us, now, regardless of our circumstances!
          Writer, speaker, and surrogate fairy godmother Ginger Kolbaba offers encouragement, challenges, biblical insights, and a little humor on how God wants us to live and love our stories in the here and now.

Your Best Happily Ever After: Loving God's Beautiful Story for Your Life 
Published August 1st 2015 
by Shiloh Run Press  
5 Stars

When offered a book to review by a publisher I become very excited and anxiously await it's arrival.  Sometimes I am familiar with the author, but most of the time I have heard of them yet haven't read them.  As with this author, Ginger Kolbaba, I had briefly heard of her, but had never read any of her writings. I think this is probably true of a lot of people.  We hear of authors and think one day I'll pick up one of their books.  
This title interested me.  
I don't know why, maybe because we are attracted to happily ever afters from childhood. As children, little girls, we read fairy tales of happily ever after and watched all the princess movies, probably still do. Then as teenagers we have visions of our prince sweeping us off our feet and carrying us off into the sunset. Okay, then we wake up to reality which is not what we expected.  Does that sound about right? To me at least it does.  I must admit I was not prepared for what's inside the pages.  
When the book arrived I was so impressed and shocked, because it was not what I had expected.  Now that comment doesn't sound good, but far from it.  It has a beautiful cover that reminds me that something good is about to come.  I anxiously leaf through and see that the layout is easy to understand and not that long in length.  As I usually read fiction about love and sometimes suspense this is not my usual read that I can get lost in.  
Okay, so I finally opened the pages and was impressed with how well the author arranged her thoughts and was able to mix a lot humor in her writing.  She opens her heart and in turn will open your heart to the greatest love story imaginable.  
Some might describe this as a self-help or even motivational book, but for me it was like a friend sitting and having a conversation about some deep issues. The author puts a twist on fairy tales of old and how they can be applied today which she backs up with scripture.  It's a fascinating new perspective.  She gives us inventive ways to handle anything that may be coming between us and the happily ever after that God wants for all of us.  
Would I recommend this book?  Most certainly! In fact, about half way through this book I couldn't wait to pass it along to my daughter in college.  I think it would benefit anyone, yes that includes men.  A young woman looking for her perfect prince or that thinks she's just not good enough for a happily ever after.  Any Christian or non believer that needs or wants a new perspective of life and life choices.  
I received this book from Barbour Publishing for a honest review without bias or outside influences as stated above and I thank them for this wonderful opportunity.  


Ginger Kolbaba is an accomplished, award-winning author,
editor, and speaker.

She has written or contributed to more than 20 books, including the Gold Medallion-nominated Refined by Fire, the Golden Scroll-nominated and Readers' Favorite Bronze award-winning We All Come Home, and her novel series Secrets from Lulu’s CafĂ©. She is a contributing writer for Thriving Family magazine, and has been a columnist for Let’s Worship. She has published more than 400 magazine and online articles. In the publishing industry for almost two decades (she started very young), Ginger is the former editor of Today’s Christian Woman magazine, Marriage Partnership magazine, and the founding editor of Kyria.com, all award-winning resources of
Christianity Today.

She has spoken at national and international conferences,
guest lectured on college campuses, and has appeared on national media outlets such as CNN Headline News (Nancy Grace), Court TV, Moody Midday Connection, and Family Life radio. She’s been quoted in national news outlets such as Newsweek and Chicago Sun-Times.

​ ​Ginger graduated summa cum laude with a BA in pre-law/American Studies and a double minor in theatre arts and Bible. After a five-year stint working as a professional actress/singer (and in three shows in which she tap danced), she left that field for the more solitary role of a writer/editor. "It's amazing how God let me realize one dream--acting--to show me my real passion: helping, educating, and entertaining people through writing, speaking, and editing."

But on occasion she still dons her tap shoes and shuffles over her hardwood floors . . . much to the dismay of her husband and dog.



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