Friday, April 11, 2014

Life Support

Life Support (Grace Medical #3)

5 Stars

Release Date Feb. 21,2014

Candace Calvert brings us a wonderful romance interlaced with suspense that will keep you turning the pages.  This is a story of second chances, both on a personal and spiritual level.

We are introduced to Lauren Barclay, a young ER nurse who works at Grace Medical.  After living in Huston for a year she has returned home to help keep an eye on her troubled sister, Jess.  Lauren knew from the time she saw her sister that she would be expected to be her keeper.  she loves her sister with all her heart  and wants to help her in any way possible, of course there are times when your love for someone can cloud your judgment.  Being a shift coordinator for the ER comes with a lot of responsibilities, but when her parents suddenly leave to assist an aunt in her recovery Lauren's life is about to become very complicated. 

Elijah Landry is a PA (Physician's Assistant) at the walk in clinic attached to the hospital and a single father.  He has had his own tragedies to contend with, but some have had a more lasting consequences than others.  His older brother, Drew, suffered a near drowning while a teenager and as a result has lots of medical issues.  Elijah hates to see his brother suffer and fights with his parents constantly about his medical treatment.  As a result his father, a retired judge, has placed a restraining order against him intervening on any medical treatment. 

Lauren is not a fan of Elijah, but she empathizes with his predicament when Drew arrives by ambulance having breathing problems.  she knows when Jess needed help the most he had let her down and that was not something she was going to forgive or forget.  The problems is the more they are thrown together she starts seeing Elijah differently.  Elijah is attracted to Lauren and wants to get to know her better.  He feels badly about her situation with Jess, but knows Jess' problems run much deeper than anyone knows. 
When a hurricane sweeps into town both Elijah and Lauren will not only have their abilities, but their very faith tested.  Will Elijah learn to put everything in God's hands?  Will Lauren finally see Jess' problems and address them?

My Review

I loved this story.  A signature of Candace Calvert's writing is that her characters give you a glimpse of their heart and soul through true to life dialogue that details family and relationship concerns.  Ms. Calvert's medical background give her the ability to convey true emotions of each step of this medical drama.  Her wonderful imagery will transport the reader into the story.  She never disappoints on any level.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a great read. 
I received this ARC from the author for a true and honest review without prejudice.

Meet the Author
Candace Calvert

Former ER nurse, wife, Mom and proud grandmother, Candace Calvert believes that love, laughter, and faith are the best medicines. Her popular medical fiction offers charismatic characters, pulse-pounding drama, romance, humor, suspense--and a prescription for hope. Think, “Grey’s Anatomy finds its soul.” 



  1. Hi Katrina you are a winner on my blog can you contact me at ausjenny @ gmail . com by thursday to claim your prize. (Rodeo Song)

  2. I so appreciate this thoughtful and thorough review--an honor to have you "scrub in" with my hopeful medical fiction.

  3. Candace, thank you for stopping by. I really enjoy your books, not only are they about a profession near to my heart, but they also bring so much inspiration. Looking forward to your next series.