Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Ghost Next Door

Ginny Baird brings us a delightful romance mixed with a little bit of mystery.  She brings us strong characters who show great tenderness and compassion for others.  She addresses many issues, one of which is bullying in school.  Not many authors would take this on with such realism.

Elizabeth Jennings is a single mother who works for a large media corporation.  After their purchase of several smaller newspapers, it is thrust upon Elizabeth to improve on one located in rural Virginia. she feels to accomplish this that she must move her family to this small town for about a year.  Her daughter, Claire, is 15 and just starting school, so moving away from her friends to a new area and school has no appeal.  After much discussion Elizabeth and Claire decide how bad could it bet for a year.  House rented, vehicle packed they journey to their new home and community. Unfortunately, upon arriving things are not as they anticipated.  The house they have rented is located across from an empty, old Victorian house (Fenton House) with a cemetery beside it.  Elizabeth decides their house is cozy, so they will just have to ignore the spookiness across the street. 
On the first night of their arrival a couple of scary incidents occur.  Claire is already creeped out by the old house and cemetery, so suddenly the creepy incidents next door don't seem quiet so small.  Luckily Nathan Thorpe, who has lived in Blayton for 3 years and is the sheriff, shows up with credible explanations for the incidents.  Nathan's  only family in town is a sister, Belle, who is the town librarian and Melody, his niece.  Elizabeth and Nathan have an immediate attraction to one another.  Nathan proves to be very helpful when Elizabeth opens the old newspaper office and introducing her to the locals.  The more they get to know each other the attraction continues to grow and a strong trust begins to develop.  Elizabeth is relieved to have someone she can depend on when things go bump in the night, but is she ready to trust someone with her heart?
As Claire begins school, it is not as easy to fit into a new school.  Their is a hierarchy and when your new they want you to know who they are and to not cross them.  Claire makes a new friend in Perry, who tries to help her navigate through being a new kid at school.  She doesn't understand why Melody and her friends are creating so many problems for her.  As Halloween approaches,  rumors begin to surface again about the old Fenton house which is located across from where Claire and Elizabeth live.  Nathan's protective instincts kick in and his goal is to protect them both.  There are deep mysteries in this small town, which Nathan knows he must solve to be able to  hold on to Elizabeth.

From the time that she could talk, romance author Ginny Baird was making up stories, much to the delight -- and consternation -- of her family and friends. By grade school, she'd turned that inclination into a talent, whereby her teacher allowed her to write and produce plays, rather than write boring book reports. Ginny continued writing throughout college, where she contributed articles to her literary campus weekly, then later pursued a career managing international projects with the US State Department.

Ginny's held an assortment of jobs, including school teacher, freelance fashion model, and greeting card writer, and has published over a dozen works of fiction and optioned nine screenplays. She's additionally published nonfiction and poetry, and admits to being a true romantic at heart.

She's a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), the RWA Published Authors Network (PAN), and Virginia Romance Writers (VRW). When she's not writing, Ginny enjoys cooking, biking, and spending time with her family in Tidewater, Virginia.
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