Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taming the To Do List

Ever just wish the world would stop for a day so you could catch up?

No matter how much we accomplish in a day, we nearly always feel a little guilt over what we didn’t do. But do we really have more to do than the women who came before us? Maybe not.

In Taming the To-Do List, Glynnis Whitwer exposes a seismic shift in society: from one in which most of us were proactive to one in which we carry the burden of having to respond—to every email, text, tweet, and message we receive. This creates a cycle where everyone else sets the priorities for our days rather than us directing our own lives. The result? We procrastinate, putting off the important stuff for later while we tend to the “urgent” stuff right now.

It’s time to take back your schedule! Ready to tame that to-do list? This book shows you how.
Taming the To-Do List 
Published August 18th 2015
 by Revell 
4 Stars

My Thoughts:
When Revell offered this book for a review I thought it looked interesting, but I had no idea just how much I truly needed read this. 
I am a person who puts off a lot of things until tomorrow.  I'm sure many people can relate to that, but as they say tomorrow never comes yet it does.  Suddenly I am so overwhelmed with all the things that need doing that inevitably something gets missed along the way.  As a child growing up I was told that in whatever you do that you were always to 100%, but as an adult I think I try but don't always hit the mark.   
Are you a list maker?
I am.  I have numerous lists, but at the end of the day there are several things that go undone.  I never worry about stuff I don't do, because hey tomorrow is another day and I can just add this stuff to my list tomorrow.  Somehow every day there is more and more stuff to add to my list.
When this book arrived I put it with my stack to read for the month. I knew I had 30 days to get to it.  When the moment came to pick it up, I was just amaze starting with the introduction.  It was almost like sitting with the author and she pointing out not only how my life had become so overwhelming, but also how to make changes that would be beneficial.  I learned that procrastination and time management were basically my biggest problems.  The book is designed that each chapter hits a new subject, but ends with an area of, Practical Living, advice on how to make practical changes.  The author has done and excellent job in using real life dialogue that is easily understandable.  
I truly think this is a must read for everyone and would recommend it.  
*I received this book from the publisher for a honest opinion without bias or outside influence as stated above.

Meet Glynnis:

Meet Glynnis Whitwer 

I’m a sold-out lover and follower of Jesus!  I’m passionate about knowing God’s Word, serving in His church and loving His people.
I love my family.  I’ve been married to my husband and best friend for over 30 years.  I’m the mom of five young adult children that I’m pouring my life into.
I adore my ministry and friends at Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I’ve been on staff with P31 since 1999 and am currently the executive director of communications.  I oversee the Encouragement for Today Devotions, co-direct COMPEL Writer’s Training, and am in charge of all the content at She Speaks – our annual conference for writers and speakers.
I have a degree in Journalism and Public Relations from Arizona State University. Before joining the staff of Proverbs 31 Ministries, I worked in public relations and marketing for developers of retirement and assisted living communities.  I’ve authored or co-authored a few books.  Please stop by my Books page to learn more.


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