Friday, August 28, 2015

Amongst The Flames

Firefighter Cole Taylor is the man everyone looks up to at Firehouse 9 in downtown Spokane. He’s been at the department for ten years and has no fear when it comes to dangerous situations.

Megan Taylor, Cole’s wife, is a stay-at-home mother of their two boys. She was everything Cole ever wanted in a woman and the perfect wife any man could ask for until one day when she decides to leave Cole.

Cole has fought hundreds of fires in his lifetime, but he had never tasted fear until he came to fighting a fire in his own home. 
Amongst The Flames: A Christian Romance Novel
Published August 16th 2015
 by Branch Publishing  
5 Stars
I loved this sweet romance!
When I finished this book this morning, I fixed a cup of coffee and began thinking about the story I had just read.  It was really an amazing read, but it was not an easy read either.  It brings to life some real life topics that a lot of people really don't want to think about, but it also reminds us that we never walk alone.  
We are introduced to two flawed characters, of course their flaws make them come to life and become more real.  In fact you may know two people similar to them just with different names.  
Cole Taylor works at #9 Fire Station in Spokane as a firefighter.  He is married to Megan, the love of his life, and they have 2 little boys.  
Cole loves his job and saving lives, but he doesn't consider himself a hero.  He's just a guy doing the right thing.  The firefighters are a brotherhood, a close relationship, because they literally trust each other with their very lives.  Megan is a stay at home mom.  She loves her husband and her children.  Both have accepted God as their savior, but the faith journey has veered away from the church.
On the outside looking in you would think they have the perfect life, but as the story unfolds you see it start to shatter. Cole is called out to a fire in which his arm is injured and will require a lengthy recovery.  Megan rushes to the hospital to only have Cole push her to the side for his fellow firefighters.  This is the beginning of the downfall of their relationship.  The author reminds us that a marriage is between man, woman and God, with God being the center.  Communication is one of the things needed in a relationship after love.  
After a couple of weeks Megan announces she needs a break and is taking the children with her to visit her sister.  Cole thinks this may be good for them both, him a chance to recover and her a break from the house and it's responsibilities.  Micah is not only Cole's coworker, he's his friend, confidant and mentor.  Micah not only talks the talk about God, he also walks the walk.  Cole respects  no one more than Micah. So when he voices concerns about Megan leaving and their relationship, it's almost like a wake up call to Cole.  He starts noticing the little things that has him questioning her motives also.  Then suddenly Cole is told by his father in-law that Megan has indeed left him and isn't planning on coming back.  Cole goes into a downward spiral. 
One of the reasons I enjoyed this story was that is was not the typical romance you see today.  It's about a married couple who are facing a crisis not only in their marriage, but also one of faith.  Every one thinks that once you receive the grace of salvation that life is going to be balloons and unicorns, well it's not.  The happily ever after is there, but it takes works and lots of faith and prayers. 
This is a well written story that would make a wonderful movie I think. 
The characters are well developed and will pull the reader in, but the plot line will keep them turning the pages. 
I would recommend this book to anyone.  I received this book from the author for a honest review without bias or outside influence which is stated above.    

T.K. Chapin
 T.K. CHAPIN writes Christian Romance books designed to inspire and tug on your heart strings. He believes that telling stories of faith, love and family help build the faith of Christians and help non-believers see how God can work in the life of believers. He gives all credit for his writing and storytelling ability to God. The majority of the novels take place in and around Spokane Washington, his hometown. Chapin makes his home in the Pacific Northwest and has the pleasure of raising his daughter with his beautiful wife Crystal.


  1. I have one of his novels for review ... just gotta find time to get to it! I'm so glad to know that this one was so good!

    1. Carrie, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for stopping by.