Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In My Dreams

In My Dreams
Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming
5 Stars

Here's a little about the book:

Crawling on his belly through enemy fire is nothing compared to the murder that ripped Jack Palmer's childhood apart. Now that he's home from his tour of duty, the ex-soldier's most critical mission lies ahead: finding his long-lost sisters. And Sarah Reed can help.

The compassionate former pediatric nurse awakens powerful feelings in Jack. Yet Sarah's traumatic loss of a young patient prevents her from wanting a family of her own. Is Jack ready to risk his place in his adopted family for the chance to reunite with his biological one…and claim a childless future with the woman he loves?

Here are my thoughts:

This truly is a feel good romance.  We are introduced to Sarah Reed and I immediately felt a connection to her.  she's a former pediatric nurse who after suffering a great loss has left the practice of nursing.  You can tell she's a caregiver in all her actions.  This story puts a highlight on how much a nurse puts into the care of their patients and how the patients can truly affect their lives.  The feelings she develops for Jack are not surprising to me because she is a natural born caretaker.  Jack Palmer is a hero and a born protector.  At the age of 8, out of necessity, he protected his sisters as best he could from his mother's behavior and the last 6 years he has served in the military, again, protecting his fellow soldiers.  Suddenly he's home and haunted by memories. 
This story is a sweet romance, but also incudes some suspense.  Getting to know the characters will draw the reader in, but the storyline will keep them turning the pages.  I would recommend this to anyone. 

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