Friday, August 23, 2013

Submerged by Dani Pettrey
by Dani Pettrey
This is this author's first book in a series.

    This is a story of suspense, romance, faith, and second chances.

    Bailey Craig is a young woman who left Yancey, Alaska and has vowed to never return.  Upon leaving Yancey, she had a reputation and a past. Being from a small town, they are both unforgiveable and unforgettable. When receiving notice that her aunt has been killed in a plane crash, she  must return to Yancey. After 12 years she wondered if the people will still judge her for past sins or see her as she is now.
    Cole McKenna, a young man who is a rescue diver, is called out to the scene where a plane has gone down off the coast of Tariuk Island.  He prepares to go down with friend Landon Grainger at his side.  Upon arriving at the wreckage, he doesn't  recognize the first two occupants, but does recognize Agnes Grey.  Agnes is a well known and well respected member of the community.  After a hard extrication Agnes is moved to land and taken to the hospital. Cole, worried, goes to check on her at the hospital and finds out she has not survived.
    Cole's first thought is of Bailey. He remembers the girl who broke his heart and wonders if she is the same girl.
    Upon Bailey's return she learns that there is evidence of something more sinister about her aunt's plane crash.  Cole is having a hard time with Bailey's return because she doesn't appear to be the same girl who had broken his heart years ago, or could she.  Has she changed or just putting on a good act?  He reminds himself he's not the same guy she left behind so maybe she's changed too. 
    With evidence mounting and body count rising, Bailey and Cole need to work together.  First they must move beyond past hurts, real or imagined. Then they must find out the truth of what happened once and for all.

    Lots of twist and turns, suspense, fierce courage, romance and mystery.

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